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About Me

Carol Cober, MS, NBCC, LMT

Rosen Method Bodywork Practitioner

 I offer support to explore loss and grief and to recover more joyfulness. My practice is informed by Restorative Embodied Self-Awareness (ESA), mindfulness, Rosen Method bodywork, movement and a creative practice.


Contemplative meditation, Centering Prayer and Silent meditation as a Quaker influences my being present with others.  Inner listening with Presence, and direct felt awareness is an important part of learning that I embrace.  I have co-led Creative Renewal retreats and moving into ease workshops since 2011, often with people coping with grief or caregiver Stress and other life  transitions and challenges.

Please look at the Retreats page for upcoming events and the Work With Me page for information on my other practices. My paintings can be seen in the Gallery page.

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